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Shiatsu is a hands-on treatment that works over the whole body, and sees the physical and emotional as interconnected. It is based on the Meridian (energy pathways) system in Chinese Medicine.

What Shiatsu with David offers

Shiatsu happens through touch that listens to and responds to your individual needs, and is supportive, holding and attentive. It helps you to explore what's happening in your body and to really centre and ground yourself in relation to your emotional state.

Shiatsu works by a combination of lasting release for the parts of your body that are over-worked and full of tension or pain, and support for the parts that are less acknowledged and in need of growth.

A shiatsu session with me gives you an opportunity to open-out and express whatever pain and distress you are experiencing. I aim to create a space where you can feel accepted for however you are at the time, and safe to let your whole self be present. This can be a very empowering experience and it means that the challenges you want support with are out there and ready to be attended to.

As the basis for treatments, I take time to understand your individual circumstances, challenges and life complexities, and then to work towards what you want to change. I feel it is important for us to be clear on the change you want in your life so that this intention guides the work.

I am a fully qualified Shiatsu therapist and a member of the Shiatsu Society (see About David).

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