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Qi Gong Classes in Falmouth

I am running weekly Qi Gong classes on Monday at 11am Falmouth Yoga Space and Tuesday at 7pm Falmouth Yoga Hut.

For Monday class please book with www.momoyoga.com/falmouthyogaspace - momoyoga

For Tuesday class please book with David (07552 688911)

One-off classes cost £10. Block booking options offer good value: £45 for five classes; £75 for ten classes. Purchases are only valid at the specific venue (i.e. Yoga Hut and Yoga Space entries are not interchangeable).

See my Facebook for more information.

About Qi Gong

Qi Gong is simple, mindful movement to bring flow, ease, and vitality into our bodies and whole self. It is a chance to cultivate new body awareness, and find new stories and experiences of our bodies. Key benefits of Qi Gong are feeling restored, grounded and calm. It is great for any ability, and can be done sitting on a chair.

David is passionate about sharing Qi Gong as a way for people to harness their inner sources of energy and potential for growth and change. He brings over a decade of experience with Qi Gong and holistic therapy work.

He teaches the ancient principles and ideas of classical Qi Gong with a spirit of openness and flexibility to encourage individual self-discovery, and to allow you to respond to your own body, feelings, and imagination.